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PostSubject: Est0niA/Blazingfury   Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:55 pm

Char Name: Est0niA/BlazingFury

Char Info: Cleric, ill do some armor and weapon crafting.

What type of player are you: Im both pvp/pve player i love to pvp and rock everyone, aswell as i like raiding for gear and helping other members to improve. And i luve group events.

How many hours you play : I'll be on really much, but i got school and jobs sometimes and a gf that wants to spend time with me. So ill try to be on as much as i can.

What hours you will be on: gmt 1+ from 4pm to 11pm on monday-tuesday and on the holidays ill try to be on much longer.

What you expect to be in this Legion?: Hmmm, who know's? I'm gonna try to be the best cleric ahah jh:P Well im gonna be the most friendly dude u will ever see, and I'll try to help every one with the best of my abillity.

What is your General Goals?: To make our Legion the strongest and the most friendly Legion Very Happy, and ofc feared from the asmodians.

Real Name: Even i dont know it O.o Jk

Age: 17 soon 18 Very Happy

Country: Sweden

About you (hobbies,work,stuff u like.): Hmm my hobbies are "Training,Basketball,Aion,Cooking" i work as a waiter right now. But im aiming to become a chef, im in my second year in upper secondary school. Well thats about it right now. Mby ill write more later O.o?
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PostSubject: Re: Est0niA/Blazingfury   Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:50 pm

We have 2 leaders, Kaiser and Estonia, Kaiser is a great leader, And Estonia is a very generous and fair helper. For what i've seen he give's his all, chats frequently, and is always there to help!
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