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PostSubject: Odinswll   Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:43 pm

Char Name: Odinswill
Char Info: Sorcerer, full damage!!!
What type of player are you: I dont mind what ever the legion does i'll go with them Wink
How many hours you play : Hours hmmm, lets say 2-4 every eve and 10-15 on weekends.
What hours you will be on: mostly at evening and weekends (paris time) (+1)
What you expect to be in this Legion?: Would like to be in the long run someone with maybe some responsabilitys, helping out others how ever i can Wink
What is your General Goals?: To make this legion a leading one by contributing what ever i can!
Real Name: Samuel Biggs
Age: 24
Country: Switerland
About you (hobbies,work,stuff u like.): At this current time i am a finincial advisor and insurance helper.
I like sports alot, especially tennis basketball and football.
I have been playing MMORPG's since it all started.
The games i mostly liked and played the most are : DAOC, warhammer, WOW, FML (currently playing), EVE, also im in LoL beta.
Otherwise i like alot RPG's on ps3, xbox 360 such as final fanatasy, fable.
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