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 Ranks Information

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PostSubject: Ranks Information   Fri Oct 09, 2009 6:53 pm

Exodus - New Legion member
Belias - Long Term Member
Mateus - Legion's Veteran
Shemhazai - constant Party/Group Leader
Zalera/Zeromus - Co-leaders
Ultima / Ultimus - Legion Founder

General Information:

- while questing/Raid Boss farming loot will go to the people that mostly need it and the turn of gaining loot will depend on your rank.Exodus < Belias < Mateus.
(but item owner can give it to whoever he wants).
-If nobody will need the item,it will be 1.stored in warehouse,so it can be given later or 2.will be rolled in Forum after Raid.
- rank transfer (f.e. Exodus to Belias) will be done by Zeromus or by Ultima.Transfer will depend on how much time you have being with Legion,your activity and what you have done for Legion.
-Shemhazai rank will by given by Zalera or Ultima to people who will be constant Party/Group leaders.In other words they will have their own party which they will manage by themselves.Generaly their Rank will remain same,but they have supirior authority over their Group/Party (only when in Group/Party)
-Zeromus/Zalera ranks will be given by Ultima to really trusted ppl.They are equal to the Ultima by their own way.2 people will be assigned for each rank.
1)Zalera have command over general fighting activities,so person who will be appointed here must be good at PvE,PvP
2)Zeromus have command over Legion donations,warehouse (item giveaway),politics and general Legion activities,so the person appointed here will be good at speaking with people and have good general knowledge about game (so he will be able to help Legion members)
-Evry rank has its own amout of in-active days before they will be kicked (if there was no warning about being offline for long period of time)
Exodus - 5 days
Belias - 10 days
Mateus - 15 days
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Ranks Information
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