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PostSubject: Syrias   Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:10 am

Char Name: Syrias
Char Info: Templar, been tank/healer in all the games
What type of player are you: I love being surrounded by ppl helping others and doing a bit of pvp ^^
How many hours you play : hmm when i work i play since i work all the day well..
What hours you will be on: Always but when i sleep... heh can't be that good
What you expect to be in this Legion?: Main Tank!
What is your General Goals?: Relax and enjoy the game and get to be known arround the server =)

Real Name: Ingrid
Age: 25
Country: Italy (i was born in NYC)
About you (hobbies,work,stuff u like.): I'm an interpreter i work in italy by the Russian embassy in rome. I like drawing, Writing poems and all those girlish stuffs. I'm a MMORPG maniac played tons of them: Uo, lineage I-II, wow, final fantasy XI, RO and so on always been a tank or a healer hehe ^^

Ps. Some guys whined about my avatar being too small -.- so here u go you perv -.-""
pss. Do not look at my face that smart guy of the photographer decided to take the pict EXACTLY when i finished yawning and thats the result.

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