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 Legion Treasury/Taxes

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PostSubject: Legion Treasury/Taxes   Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:20 pm

General Info
Legion Treasury is items/Kinah that are at Legion Warehouse.These money and items will be used to help members,Events and general Legion activities,in other words thats will be the expenses of the Legion as Legion.Taxes will be player lvl dependant and will go to Legion Funds and will be used for needs of Legion.

I.Tax payment will be 1 time a week,amout of Kinah will be depending on your lvl
lvl25~30 -> 10k
lvl30~40 -> 20k
lvl40~45 -> 30k
lvl45~50 -> 50k
II.Tax Kinah should be sent by Mail to Tax and ONLY Tax (normal mail,not express)
III.Each member has ability to skip Tax payment 1 time evry 4 weeks
IV.Exodus (newcommers) Rank can choose not to pay Tax
V.Tax money will be deposited to Legion Warehouse and only Ultima and Zeromus will have access to it,so there will not be scam attempts
VI.Evry action that have connection to Legion Funds/Tax Kinah will be writen down at forum (doposition.withdraw/spent on what etc.)

Item Donations
Donated Items (items that were donated by members to legion warehouse) will be given to members that are need of them or be sold for Legion Funds.That will be decided by members.
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Legion Treasury/Taxes
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