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PostSubject: Rules   Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:39 pm

Here is Information About Legions rules

1.Good knowledge of English

2.Must have Mic and Ventrilo

3.Only ENGLISH in Legion chat/Group chat (if you are in Legion Group and there are people who dont know your language) and Ventrilo (you can speak your language in Private Rooms or make sure that evryone understand your language)

4.When you register at Forum or login at Ventrilo use your In-game name

5.Respect your Legion mates.Flaming is not welcome
(4fun flame is different,but still try to keep it on minimum)

6.Members have to Participate in Legion Events like Raid Boss,Invading Asmos etc.
If possible evryone will be brought to Events,even thought there will be sometimes when not evry will be able to come.For Example Boss Raiding or Questing that has limited number of people,but evrything will be done so evryone can participate.Sometimes participation will depend on Event,in other words if Event will be Questing for lvl20 Quests,players that are much higher lvl can choose not to participate.
In other hand if its Siege or Invading Asmodians,evryone who is lvl20+ (or lvl25+ for Abyss) must participate.

7.Members will be asked to financially help in Legions Growth,so called Taxes.
The amount that will be asked will depend on your LvL and Rank.
New members will be not asked to give money.
Tax collection will be 1 time evry week (this will depend on lvl too)
You are free to give more then asked if you want to help Legion.

8.New members will be tested for week if they are good as players and members and then they will be given Exodus Rank (For more info check Ranks)

9.You need to respect commands of people that are higher Rank then you.If you have any problem with their commands contact Leader or Co-Leaders.
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